Sunday, November 07, 2004

Pocket Excel

Well taking into consideration that I am a long time computer user and never liked excel very much, I still find the ways to appreciate pocket excel. For starters, I find it very easy to navigate and it is a simplified version of the desktop version of excel. This made it very easy to use formulas, but would cause a lot of confusion when dealing with complicated workbooks. I found pocket excel better for finding simple solutions to a small range of data, but desktop excel is definitely more versatile.

The usability of pocket excel is definitely limited by the keypad data entry or draw text tool. Also, the ability to enter complex formulas is severely limited. I would suggest that desktop excel be used when the useful help features of the program are accessible. I have found them to be a good guide in trouble shooting formula syntex errors. Also, pocket excel doesnt offer the same formatting abilities and is saved under a different file type format. Generally, pocket excel is useful for quick calculations on the road, but for efficiency desktop excel is the better program.


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