Friday, October 15, 2004

Update: Pocket PC uses

It has been a little while now since I first received my pocket PC, and I am still very pleased with it. I said before I could not live without it and was surprised to learn that one of my earlier quotes was selected to become part of a Bentley publicated press release. Hopefully others will see the necessity of the Dell Axim and other models as well. When I last wrote about the role of my pocket pc in my life I was mostly in the experimentation phase, just realizing the potential of the device.

Quite some time has passed since then and I have found a number of new uses for the pc. I experimented with AvantGo technology and became quickly hooked on the fact that i could receive the morning news on my pocket PC. It has proven to be useful time and again. The remote display and remote access tools have also been interesting to play with as they expand the possibilities of the pocket pc on and off campus. I also was able to test out the infared feature and zap a file to a Palm brand pocket organizer, as well as search for public wireless access in a number of coffee shops and airports. It is good to know that the usefulness of my pocket pc is not fading as time passes, and I plan to continue to utilize the device.


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