Friday, October 01, 2004

This week I installed the remainder of the course software on my pocket PC. I got the remote view software and .pdf software running. It works well, and in the meantime i have been shopping around for cases and an expansion memory card. I'm getting ready to work on the website for next week, it should be interesting to see how the two versions of the site look, one intended for the pocket PC, another meant for the desktop. I found it interesting that cascading style sheets do not work on the pocket version of Internet Explorer, i wonder if there is a browser plug-in available or something along those lines. CSS is a great way to add content, I have used it with success in the past.

My first name Corey is taken as a domain name: However, is available. I doubt I will register the domain name, as I dont have any useful purpose for it at the time being, other than to prevent others from registering the domain. Eventually, I may develop a personal website and purchase a domain, although im not sure if it will be or another available and possibly shorter domain name.


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