Thursday, October 21, 2004

Experiences with Pocket PC Software

Pocket Artist

I chose this program because I think it is amazing that a pocket PC can be a graphics design and illustration tool. This is similiar to Adobe Photoshop for desktop machines, but scaled down for use on a pocket pc. I experimented with the functionality, and althought I am not much of an artist, I was interesting to add some blur and sharpen effects, as well as design some text and add glow effects. It is a little awkward to use the program using the stylus, but I can imagine it would be easier for an artist, since they could basically just draw on the screen. It is a great option for graphics creation and artwork for the pocket PC. I had a nice time drawing president Bush, looking not so presidential.

I also really think the software our group found is very useful. It allows synchronization of hotmail, google, yahoo, or AOL e-mail accounts with your Pocket PC. It is very useful and allows a user to easily read their mail on the run in the morning. I highly recommend this software, along with Pocket Artist to any Pocket PC user, they are both good tools, the only difference is that the e-mail software is %100 free. Always a plus in the software market.


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