Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The elusive search for wireless access.

I recently traveled home this weekend and decided it would be a convenient time to search for wireless access. Since i was flying i was pretty certain that there would be convenient access points at both Logan Airport in Boston, and Philadelphia International Airport. This was true, and I was excited to discover how useful it would be to me. Basically, I just wanted to waste time before my flight boarded. As I connected to the newly available network in Logan, I was disappointed to be greeted by a page served up internally on the network, offering pricing options for wireless broadband access. After my disappointment subsided, i reviewd the options offered and found that they were expensive. I could buy a monthly pass with unlimited access for $24.95 or a 24-hour pass for $7.95. Since i was only in the airport for an hour or two, I decided it wasnt reasonable. The access in Philadelphia worked in a similiar way, but i unfortunately did not have time to explore the layout of the internal page and the price options.

Going back just a few days, I thought it would be a good idea to look for wireless access points online and find a good location near my house. I went to a hot spot locater website and punched in my zip code. Most of the available locations were hotels off the nearby turnpike and not really close by. There was however a local starbucks offering limited access, unfortunately it was not free. Althought I learned a lot about wireless service through this exploration, I would be a whole lot happier if wireless access points were provided as a free service to travelers and customers. Hopefully, a solution will be discovered to make this type of service more readily available in the future.


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