Friday, October 29, 2004

Google Desktop Search Technology

Recently released a program that allows a user to easily search their hard drive in the same way they search the internet. The program categlogs everything on the computer from files, pictures, saved e-mails and even IM conversations. The program continually builds an index of a computer's hard drive to allow for updated and timely functionality. Google claims that "Desktop Search puts your information easily within your reach and frees you from having to manually organize your files, emails, and bookmarks". The release is only a beta version, but it is the latest in google-based software that has been marketing since they company went public in August.

There are a number of privacy concerns about this new software. It is not offer good support for computers in a shared user environment, where people come and go. It would allow users instantly to discover information about past users of that machine. Some public libraries and internet cafes have discovered this potential security threat, and are not permitting installations of this software to protect their customers. The software allows for instant searching, that information can now be exploited in a matter of seconds, which is a major jump forward in technology compared to the built in windows search function. You can follow some of the news on this software and read more about it at the following links:


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Experiences with Pocket PC Software

Pocket Artist

I chose this program because I think it is amazing that a pocket PC can be a graphics design and illustration tool. This is similiar to Adobe Photoshop for desktop machines, but scaled down for use on a pocket pc. I experimented with the functionality, and althought I am not much of an artist, I was interesting to add some blur and sharpen effects, as well as design some text and add glow effects. It is a little awkward to use the program using the stylus, but I can imagine it would be easier for an artist, since they could basically just draw on the screen. It is a great option for graphics creation and artwork for the pocket PC. I had a nice time drawing president Bush, looking not so presidential.

I also really think the software our group found is very useful. It allows synchronization of hotmail, google, yahoo, or AOL e-mail accounts with your Pocket PC. It is very useful and allows a user to easily read their mail on the run in the morning. I highly recommend this software, along with Pocket Artist to any Pocket PC user, they are both good tools, the only difference is that the e-mail software is %100 free. Always a plus in the software market.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Loading screenshot of Pocket Artist. Posted by Hello

Friday, October 15, 2004

Update: Pocket PC uses

It has been a little while now since I first received my pocket PC, and I am still very pleased with it. I said before I could not live without it and was surprised to learn that one of my earlier quotes was selected to become part of a Bentley publicated press release. Hopefully others will see the necessity of the Dell Axim and other models as well. When I last wrote about the role of my pocket pc in my life I was mostly in the experimentation phase, just realizing the potential of the device.

Quite some time has passed since then and I have found a number of new uses for the pc. I experimented with AvantGo technology and became quickly hooked on the fact that i could receive the morning news on my pocket PC. It has proven to be useful time and again. The remote display and remote access tools have also been interesting to play with as they expand the possibilities of the pocket pc on and off campus. I also was able to test out the infared feature and zap a file to a Palm brand pocket organizer, as well as search for public wireless access in a number of coffee shops and airports. It is good to know that the usefulness of my pocket pc is not fading as time passes, and I plan to continue to utilize the device.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The elusive search for wireless access.

I recently traveled home this weekend and decided it would be a convenient time to search for wireless access. Since i was flying i was pretty certain that there would be convenient access points at both Logan Airport in Boston, and Philadelphia International Airport. This was true, and I was excited to discover how useful it would be to me. Basically, I just wanted to waste time before my flight boarded. As I connected to the newly available network in Logan, I was disappointed to be greeted by a page served up internally on the network, offering pricing options for wireless broadband access. After my disappointment subsided, i reviewd the options offered and found that they were expensive. I could buy a monthly pass with unlimited access for $24.95 or a 24-hour pass for $7.95. Since i was only in the airport for an hour or two, I decided it wasnt reasonable. The access in Philadelphia worked in a similiar way, but i unfortunately did not have time to explore the layout of the internal page and the price options.

Going back just a few days, I thought it would be a good idea to look for wireless access points online and find a good location near my house. I went to a hot spot locater website and punched in my zip code. Most of the available locations were hotels off the nearby turnpike and not really close by. There was however a local starbucks offering limited access, unfortunately it was not free. Althought I learned a lot about wireless service through this exploration, I would be a whole lot happier if wireless access points were provided as a free service to travelers and customers. Hopefully, a solution will be discovered to make this type of service more readily available in the future.

Friday, October 01, 2004

This week I installed the remainder of the course software on my pocket PC. I got the remote view software and .pdf software running. It works well, and in the meantime i have been shopping around for cases and an expansion memory card. I'm getting ready to work on the website for next week, it should be interesting to see how the two versions of the site look, one intended for the pocket PC, another meant for the desktop. I found it interesting that cascading style sheets do not work on the pocket version of Internet Explorer, i wonder if there is a browser plug-in available or something along those lines. CSS is a great way to add content, I have used it with success in the past.

My first name Corey is taken as a domain name: However, is available. I doubt I will register the domain name, as I dont have any useful purpose for it at the time being, other than to prevent others from registering the domain. Eventually, I may develop a personal website and purchase a domain, although im not sure if it will be or another available and possibly shorter domain name.