Friday, September 17, 2004

Class thoughts and spyware response

I like how IT 101 is going so far. The class seems to be around the same level. I took the class due to my past experience in the area of computers. I did not want to be bored throughout the regular class, and I enjoy the opportunity to learn new techonology, for example the mobile version of windows on the pocket PC. After standing in line for 20 minutes, i picked up the dell axim a few days ago. The capabilities are truly amazing as i have realized through experimenting with it quite a bit. Unfortunately i have been unable to have my lotus notes mail forward to my outlook on the axim, hopefully we can adress that in class later on.

In regards to a spyware scan on the computer, I did not find very much this time around. Most likely due to the factg that Bentley distributes the laptops and we are somewhat shielded from the outside world on the campus network. I have run numerous scans in the past, and have been surprised at the amount of spyware on a computer at any given time. Anything from ad-ware to data miners. None of which does anything other than slowing the computer down, and taking up available memory. I have always done my best to keep all of my machines virus and spyware free, and will continue to do so with the new laptop. This also applys to the pocket pc, however i hope there is never a need to do so.


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